The Irish in Canada

A Chairde i gCeannada (Friends in Canada),

Of the many nationalities throughout Canada today, no group is more deserving of its rightful and notable place than the Irish whose fascinating story has helped build a Nation all Canadians cherish today.
The most recent census indicates that the population of Canada is no less than one fifth of Irish origin, a statistic on par only with that of French Canadians!
From sea to sea, the Irish have influenced virtually every facet of Canadian society and continue to do so by following the vision of Thomas D’Arcy McGee who desired to see Canada as a great nation and a shining example to the world.
The Irish participate and continue to work for a better Canada at all times. Many do so silently without expectation of any recognition.To pay tribute to the pioneers of our forebears and to educate others on the salient facts of the huge contribution made to ALL of Canada by those of Irish ancestry, we look forward to the completion of The Ireland Monument – Canada in their honour and to those who preceded them in their memory.

Go raibh maith agaibh (Thank You)

Gail Walsh (Ireland Monument Committee) New Brunswick