86 Tony and Gwen McCamley


Tony & Gwen McCamley at the Presentation Centre for Athenry Gate, Langley B.C.

  • The names of Tony and Gwen McCamley will be added to the Ireland Canada Monument. Tony who hails from County Down, NI came to Canada in 1966.  
  • Tony & Gwen started New West Gypsum Recycling in 1985 which operates today in Canada, USA, UK & Europe. In 2002, The Celtic Heritage Society of Canada was formed with the intention to build an Irish cultural centre in Burnaby, BC
  • In 2008 the Society’s name was changed to the Irish Heritage Society of Canada and the location of the centre was changed from Burnaby, BC to Langley, BC.Tony & Gwen, together with the members of the Irish Heritage Society, have been working tirelessly to build the first ever Irish Heritage Centre in British Columbia at 208 Street and 83rd Avenue in Langley. British Columbia.


“Athenry Developments”

  • Athenry Developments was borne from the vision of long-time Langley residents Tony and Gwen McCamley to bring an Irish cultural centre to the Greater Vancouver area.
  • The McCamleys have been working towards the goal of constructing a cultural centre in their own community for many years – a place where local residents can experience traditional Irish dance, music and theatre. As a part of the Athenry concept, this long awaited cultural centre will not only benefit the Irish community, but also serve as a hub for various arts and cultural groups in the Lower Mainland.
  • The cultural centre will offer numerous services to the residents of Langley. Various activity and dance classes, meeting rooms, exhibitions and seniors’ activities are all a part of what will make the cultural centre so rewarding to the community.
  • Within walking distance to events such as small concerts, fitness classes, plays and other productions, the cultural centre located adjacent to Athenry Gate will be the perfect way to connect with your friends and form new relationships in your own neighbourhood.
  • Athenry Developments was created for the purpose of bringing the McCamleys’ vision to reality, not as a business venture. As such, the cultural centre will be funded from the sale of the Athenry Gate condominium units.
  • As a part of the Athenry concept, the historic Willoughby Hall will also receive $500,000 in much needed renovations through a generous donation from Athenry Developments.
  • Firmly rooted in the community in which it will build, Athenry Developments takes great pride in ensuring that Athenry Gate adds significant value to the citizens of Langley for generations to come.

  • With the cultural centre at the heart of this unique development, Athenry Gate will be the ideal place to visit with friends, socialize with neighbours, and enjoy the lifestyle that you have always wanted in the community that you will help to create!
  • Contact: info@athenrygate.com
  • Project information: www.athenrygate.com