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The Wild Geese.Irish social network is a leading Internet destination for those looking to explore and celebrate Irish history and heritage, in the words of William Butler Yeats, ‘wherever green is worn.’

The Wild Geese was established in the fall of 1997 as an online magazine to share “The Epic History and Heritage of the Irish” with the tens of millions of individuals of Irish ancestry found world wide. Hundreds of individuals, from around the Irish Diaspora, of varied viewpoints and even religions, have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the reach and depth of its content. Our community, which launched in March 2013, draws nearly 30,000 visitors and generates more than 60,000 page-views per month — a figure growing steadily.

Mission: Every day, with our team of members, readers, and Irish Heritage Partners, The Wild Geese explores, promotes, preserves, and celebrates the epic heritage of the Irish around the world — through compelling content, evolving technologies, a dynamic community, and collaborative marketing connections.

Vision: The Wild Geese inspires generations, new and old, to understand the outsized role of the Irish and Irish emigrants in the world’s evolution, while rejoicing in a common humanity. We cherish our mission — holding it sacred in a world of shifting values, rising cynicism, materialism, blurred geo-political identities, and rapid-fire technological change.

Fran Reddy, Biz Dev Coordinator
The Wild Geese Irish Social Network: The Stories of the Irish . . . Worldwide, at www.TheWildGeese.Irish

Fran Reddy

Fran Reddy

Fran Reddy is the Business Development Coordinator for TheWildGeese.Irish

Born in York County, Ontario, Canada, Fran is 4th Generation Irish with a Great Grandmother from King’s County (Offaly) & Gr-Gr Grandparents from County Mayo.

Contact mail: fran@thewildgeese.com