231 Sister Catherine Donnelly

Sister Catherine Donnelly

Teacher, Foundress of the Sisters of Service


In September 1940, Sister Donnelly moved to Sinnett, Saskatchewan to start Loyola Continuation School under the Catholic School Board.

Located a few kilometres northeast of Lanigan, Sinnett was the heart of a district known as the Irish Colony. The village was named after immigration agent and missionary priest Father John Sinnett who founded the settlement in 1905.

By 1910, St. Ignatius and St. Patrick’s churches along with Loyola and Manresa Schools had been built to serve the spiritual and educational needs of the community.

In 1940, Sister Catherine Donnelly, a member of the Sisters of Service in Toronto, arrived to teach in the new Loyola Continuation School or high school. Other Sisters followed in the early 1940s and 1950s. The Sisters were enthusiastic supporters of drama and oratory as well as Catholic education. For nearly 30 years, the Sisters were an integral part of Irish Colony life. In the late 1960s when the school closed due to low enrollment, the Sisters left the community.