189 Ruairí Spillane


Ruairi, born in 1983, was offered a chance to move to beautiful Vancouver in February 2008 for an employment opportunity. Having emigrated just before Ireland’s economic crash in late 2008, he was moving at the start of a new wave of Irish emigration to Canada.

Despite having a successful career in the fields of finance and sales, Ruairi followed his entrepreneurial calling by working on setting up an online community for newcomers moving to Vancouver (www.moving2vancouver.ca) in March 2011. Vancouver finally had a platform for information sharing between newcomers. Soon after, he began looking at wider issues across Canada.

In October 2012, Moving2Canada.com was officially launched to address the needs of both Canadian employers and immigrants to Canada. The motivation was two-fold: while Vancouver and Toronto are seen as major entry points to Canada, the country is experiencing acute labour shortages across Western Canada. Canadian employers saw that Moving2Canada could help them identify strong international candidates migrating to Canada in search of opportunity. Assisting newcomers in finding suitable employment was a key objective of Moving2Canada, so a natural synergy existed between the needs of employers and immigrants. The website provides detailed information on Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Fort McMurray, and includes a Jobs Board populated with open positions across Canada.

Ruairi’s website became a valuable tool for the contemporary wave of Irish emigrants to Canada. The Moving2Canada project received endorsements from the Irish Ambassador to Canada, Dr. Ray Bassett, and the Irish Canadian Immigration Centre in Toronto for it’s massive contribution in helping Irish emigrants plan their move and build a new home in Canada.

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