236 Michaela Hinds – World Champion Irish Dancer.

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Michaela Hinds – 6th Time World Champion Irish Dancer

The Ireland Canada Monument Society is honoured to include the name of Michaela Hinds for her contribution to Irish Dancing in Canada.

Michaela Marie Siegmund- Hinds was born in 1995 in Brampton Ontario. Growing up in her Irish family culture, she took up the love for Irish Dancing at age 3.

Michaela’s mother Catherine Hinds who was born in Belfast, Ireland was also a dancer herself.

Michaela truly believes it has been her Mum’s constant dedication and support that has enabled Michaela to achieve so much in Irish Dancing and in other aspects of her life.
She is truly grateful to her Mum for all the sacrifices made which have allowed Michaela reach the pinnacle of Irish Dancing world wide.
In her own words Michaela notes: “My Mum has guided me constantly and I am so grateful for all the sacrifices made that have allowed me to pursue my dreams of becoming a world champion Irish Dancer. My success is all because of her dedication and belief she has had in me.”

Michaela has been Irish dancing for the past 18 years and has achieved more than another Canadian in Irish Dancing to date.

She is currently studying Kinesiology and Health Promotion at Sheridan College, Ontario, her hometown, which allows her to continue in her passion for Dancing.

In the future Michaela dreams of becoming a dance teacher following in the footsteps of Rose Fearon, who is one of her biggest role models.

Upon completion of her studies  Michaela dreams of pursuing a career in kinesiology and rehabilitation that can be applied to Irish dancing. On her minimal spare time she enjoys being with her friends and family, as well as reading and exercising.

Presently she is an 11 time Canadian Champion, 8 time North American Champion, 5 time Great Britain Champion, 3 time All-Ireland Champion and a 6 time World Champion.