20 Malachy Grant


Malachy Grant was born in Newry, County Down, Ireland to Liam and Moira (McSherry) Grant on July 24, 1926. He was educated at St. Mary’s College, Dundalk and at Bolton Stree Institute of Technology in Dublin. After graduating from Bolton Street he was engaged in many large projects in the building trade.

He married Marie Celine Kavanagh on November 23, 1952; They have two sons and one daughter.The Grant family came to Canada on 1956 and settled in Montreal where Malachy continued his studies at McGill University. He was a force behind the planning and developing Expo ’67 in Montreal. Also the National Arts Centre in St. John’s Newfoundland. Mr. Grant had his own consulting firm in Montreal and was asked to come to Toronto to design and construct the proposed $1.5 billion Metro Centre Development Project. In the middle of that project, C.B.C. was planning to build a giant communications tower and from this the idea for the C.N. Tower was born.In 1972 Malachy Grant settled on the design for the present structure. To ensure that it was foolproof he checked out every proposal with the world’s leading construction designers. To prove the foundation safe he sent soil and geological experts down in special cages to 100′ under the construction site to analyze the bedrock. The Tower was begun in 1973 and in June 1976 the C.N. Tower was opened. When the last section of the Tower was installed, Malachy Grant was there with the chairman of The Guinness Book of World Records who confirmed it to be the tallest freestanding structure in the world, 1815 ft. 5 in.Mr. Grant is President of Malachy Grant Associates and a member of The Canadian Institute of Quality Surveyors and the Project Management Institute among other prestigious associations.