245 Thomas D’Arcy McGee, PC, A Father of Confederation

Thomas D’Arcy Etienne Hughes McGee, PC,

I see in the not remote distance one great nationality, bound, like the shield of Achilles, by the blue of the ocean.

I see it quartered into many communities, each disposing of its own internal affairs, but all bound together by free institutions, free intercourse, free commerce.

I see, within the round of that shield, the peaks of the western mountains and the crests of the eastern waves. The winding Assinaboine, the five-fold lakes, the St. Lawrence, the Ottawa, the Sauguenay, the St. John, the Basin of Minas,by all these flowing waters in all the valleys they fertilize. In all the cities they visit in their courses, I see a generation of industrious, contented moral men, free in name and in fact- men capable of maintaining, in peace and in war, a constiution worthy of such a country.
Speech in Parlaiment in 1860

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