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            Mary Harris or “Mother Jones” is among the many Irish immigrants who have paid tribute to the US Constitution. She was a strong Irish woman and was involved in the improvisation of worker’s unions throughout the United States for more than fifty years. She worked diligently to ensure timely arrests of those behind unscrupulous attacks on the labor force. Ms. Harris earned audiences with presidents of the United States, thereby strengthening her initiatives.
Ms. Harris was born in Cork, Ireland on May 1, 1830 and entered into rest on November 30, 1930. She was best known as “The Grandmother of Agitators” and “The Miner’s Angel”. She was a social reformer and leader in the labor movement from the 1870s until her death. In 1861, she married an iron worker in Tennessee. After the death of her husband and children from Yellow Fever in 1867, she made her way to Chicago to earn a living as a dressmaker, until the great fire of 1871 destroyed her property.
She turned to the Knights of Labor for assistance, which led to her becoming a force to be reckoned with in her efforts to achieve her goals, which ranged from organizing activities on behalf of the United Mine Workers of America, social and political causes and the abolition of child labor. Her political views evolved from populism to socialism in the 1890s and from socialism to support for Woodrow Wilson and the Democratic Party in 1916.Mother Jones was revered by coal miners and their families, who affectionately named her, “The Miner’s Angel”. She was a charismatic speaker and wonderful storyteller who used those abilities to champion the causes of others.