183 Rev. William Cochran D.D.B.A.

William Cochran, D.D. – First Educator of Colony of Nova Scotia –

When King’s College School was founded at Windsor in 1788 as the first College in the colony of Nova Scotia, an Irishman became the first principal and thus the first educator of the colony which was the first part to be settled and developed of what was later to become Canada. Cochran had left Ireland to become a teacher in America.

He was established as Professor of Latin and Greek at the newly named Columbia University, formerly King’s College, New York, when he became disenchanted and left for Halifax from where he was enticed to accept the position at the new King’s College School at Windsor.

At the “Old Burial Grounds” at Windsor, his grave stone contains this message: “In memory of the Rev. Wm. COCHRAN, D. D. a native of Omagh, in Ireland, and educated at Trinity College Dublin. He was for more than 40 years, a Missionary of the Church of England in this county and for the same period, a Professor in King’s College, Windsor. Beloved by his pupils, and highly useful in his generation, his walk was finished on 4th of Aug. AEt.77.” One of his two sons, named Andrew William, was born at Windsor in 1792 and graduated B.A. from King’s College.

He studied Law and became assistant civil secretary to the Governor-in Chief of Canada at the same time that classmate Thomas Chandler Haliburton became a lawyer at Annapolis Royal and wrote under the name of Sam Slick for the Novascotian, edited by Joe Howe.

It was Haliburton who brought to the attention of future generations that Hurley on the Ice began with students at King’s College School circa 1800 and went on to develop into Ice Hockey and spread across the country and around the world. Cochran and fellow professors at King’s would have introduced their young students to the national sports of Ireland as did other professors from England and Scotland.

It was the game of Hurley, played with both sides of the blade of the stick that caught the attention of pupils who adapted the game to the frozen surface of their Long Pond on the college grounds.

Thanks to Dr. Garth Vaughan and Holly Hammett-Vaughan (Nova Scotia).


Left to Right Marj Levi, Dr. Garth Vaughan and Leslie Loomer,
all childhood school friends at the launch of Mr. Loomer’s book documenting
the History of Windsor Nova Scotia in 1996.
Below are excerpts from Mr. Loomer’s book with reference to William Cochran.
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