176 Violet Moore – School of Irish Dance

The Violet Moore School of Irish Dance.

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  • Violet Moore began teaching Irish Dancing in Vancouver in 1963 in the basement of St Patrick’s Catholic Church which at the time was located on the corner of 12th Avenue and Main Street in Vancouver.
  • A few years into this new challenge, a pupil of Violet’s informed her of a Championship competition being prepared in the San Francisco area.
  • The intention of this competition was to find a dancer who would qualify to become the first entrant into the first ever, All-World Irish Dance Championship to be held in Dublin at Grafton Street in the early 1970’s.
  • At the time, Violet recognized she had one outstanding dancer in her class and after receiving permission from the girl’s parents that the dancer be allowed to enter the competition, the San Francisco organizing committee was contacted and the entry from the Violet Moore School of Irish Dance was approved.
  • The Dancer, Iris Peake performed at the competition and won first place. In addition to receiving her silver trophy, Iris was presented with an Airline ticket to the Dublin Irish Dancing Championships. While in Dublin, Iris and her mother stayed in Violet’s family home.
  • This momentous event meant that Iris Peake became the first western Canadian and possibly the first eastern Canadian to represent Canada’s Irish dance community.
  • Since the early seventies, the Violet Moore School of Irish Dance has gained much acclaim in Irish Dancing as more pupils of the school have continued to succeed at Championship competitions throughout North America and Ireland.
  • In fact, many of the dancers have performed and succeeded with top-end results at the All Ireland’s Irish Dancing championships in Kilarney, County Kerry.
  • The All Ireland World Championships were also held in different locations in both Ulster and Munster.
  • When the United States of America Irish Dancing Associations ran their championships and invited the world to participate – Violet’s Dancers were there front and centre and continue to compete today throughout both Canada and America.
  • The Moore school is renown throughout the land and has acquired a high degree of respect.
  • Today, many of Violet’s former pupils have schools of their own and are now teaching their own successful classes in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver.
  • Similar to their teacher, each of the ex-dancers of Violet’s School qualified under an extremely demanding, two day “An Coimisún exams”.
  • Violet has long since acquired her adjudication qualifications and now judges championship competitions throughout North America and Ireland.
  • The Violet Moore Dancers at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Vancouver.