The Irish Canadian Nation Builders

It is proposed to include statements as follows on the informtion piers at the Ireland Canada monument site. Those named or their contact persons are asked to review the relevant statement and contact the committee if revisions are required.

Those person named in the 100 names or included in the Honourary Mention category are encouraged to compose similar statements regarding their relevant contributions to Canada.

Note   * denotes statement wording approved by Nominee. 

This page will be updated constantly as the project moves towards completion. The sequence of statments will be coordinated by the Project Designer and officials at the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.


  • 1918 General Arthur Currie – Victory at Vimy Ridge and an end to World War 1.
  • 2010 John Furlong, CEO Vancouver Organization Committee 2010 Olympics.
  • 1827. Nellie McClung instrumental to providing recognition of women as persons within Canada.
  • 1936 Mayor Gerry McGeer lays the corner stone for City Hall Vancouver.
  • 1992 The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaughts Own) Irish Pipe Regiment.
  • 1945 George Vanier A soldier of Two World Wars.
  • The Honourable Pat Carney, P.C. Senator Emeritus, a major contributor to Canadian Political development and the “first” woman in many male dominated fields.


Community Builders

  • 1826-31 an estimated 1,000 Irish workers and their co workers died in the building of the Rideau canal
  • 1879 Henry John Cambie Surveyor of the Canadian Pacific Railway from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific.
  • 1886 Henry Valentine Edmonds Mount Pleasant Vancouver developer and later helped form the Westminster and Vancouver Tramway Company in 1891.
  • 1965 The Maple Leaf Flag – Prime Minister Lester Pearson and Patrick Reid.
  • Captain Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh – Founder of the First Gaeltacht outside Ireland in Tamworth Ontario, Canada.
  • 1980 Maurice McElrea manager of the Union Gosple Mission in Vancouver B.C.
  • 1910 Jeremiah O’Gallagher designer of the AOH Celtic Cross at Grosse Ile Quebec.
  • Timothy Eaton Founder of Eaton’s stores throughout Canada.
  • 2006 Mayor Sam Sullivan recipient of the Olympic Flag for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.
  • Archbishop James Carney, a leader of Catholic Education in British Columbia whose efforts ensured open doors to those with AIDS at St. Paul’s Hospital Vancouver.
  • Dr. Peter M. Byrne. Professional Engineer, Professor Emeritus at University of British Columbia, and a leader in Geotechnical Engineering.
  • 2006 Sandra McEoghain. Founder of the Irish Association of Toronto – community organisation assisting others build friendships and connections in Ontario Canada.
  • Thomas O’Flynn – former long time City of Vancouver employee and Canadian Executive Council member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul volunteering countless hours to the well being of the poor in Vancouver.
  • Miss Kathleen McGeer, a former teacher at Lord Selkirk Elementary School in East Vancouver B.C.

Sports Achievers.

  • 1800 Ice Hockey evolves from Ireland’s ancient game of hurling to Canada’s Game of Ice Hockey at Long Pond Nova Scotia
  • 1979 – Bobby Orr Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.
  • 2010 Vancouver Harps Hurling Team Winners of the North American County Board Junior Championship.
  • 1997 Pat Quinn Head coach of Canada World Championship Men’s Gold Medal team, Player and Manager of the Vancouver Canucks.
  • Pat Ryan World Curling Champion, 1989, 1994, 2008.  Twice inducted into the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame. *



  • 1867 D’Arcy McGee – A Father of Confederation.
  • 1922 Vancouver College founded by the Irish Christian Brothers.
  • 1867 Edward Whelan A Father of Confederation and advocate for responsible Government.
  • 1829 Francis Collins Advocate of Human rights and freedom of the Press in Canada.
  • 1940 Henry James Mackin Manager of Fraser Mills, the world’s largest timber production Company and a Philanthropist whose donations helped institutions in Coquitlam and Vancouver.
  • Eric Kierans President of the Quebec Liberal Party and advocate of a United Canada.
  • William McMaster Founder of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.
  • Archbishop Thomas Louis Connolly, advocate of Canadian Confederation.
  • The Hon. Hilary M. Weston, CM, OOnt, creator of the Liutenant Governors honouring unsung heros and founder of the Ireland Fund of Canada helping many organisations throughout Canada, Ireland and the USA.
  • Edward Patrick O’Connor – A Visionary who dedicated his career to the improvement of government employee rights and working conditions in Canada and in particular in British Columbia.


  • Dr. Pat McGeer, Physician, Professor, medical researcher and leading authority on the causes and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • 1921 Dr Fred Banting The discovery of Insulin.

In Memory

During the years 1845-51, thousands of Irish Canadians died upon arrival from Ireland due to starvation related diseases at many sites in the Provinces of New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec before they could contribute to Canada. Never to be forgotten.

In Gratitude

To those many French Canadian families in Quebec Province who adopted orphaned children of Ireland during the years 1845-51 , Irish Canadians convey our sincere gratitude.


Information below is out of dated and will be updated as soon as possible.

June 20th 2010:

  • At this time 93 names have been selected for inclusion on Side 3.

  • 7 names still remain to be selected.

  • The committee will conduct a review of all names prior to construction.  

We invite submissions of suitable nominees for the remaining Names from ALL Provinces of Canada. Include a short biography of that persons contribution to Canada. We particularly invite female nominations.

Email to:

The names listed below are selected for inclusion on the Ireland Monument – Canada monument proposed for Vancouver BC. Every Person is selected for their contribution to Canada. Persons noted below or their families will not be asked to support the project financially.

Names with this coloured text have been confirmed for inclusion.

The following criteria is required to be considered for inclusion:

The person was born in Ireland or their ancestry is Irish (Maternal or Paternal).

The person is/was a Canadian Citizen.

The person has made a significant and recognisable contribution to Canada during their lifetime that enhances the lives of Canadians.

A final review of All names will be made prior to construction of the Monument.

1.      Thomas D’arcy McGee

2.      Mr. John Furlong.

3.      The Hon. Pat Carney P.C. Senator (Ret)

4.      Geraldine Heaney

5.      Dr. Geraldine Cunningham Ph.D.

6.      Sr. Nuala Kenny.

7.      Loreena McKennitt.

8.      Mary Travers (La Bolduc)

9.      Marianna O’Gallagher

10.    Rosemary Sullivan.

11.     Irish Dance Teachers of Canada.

12.     The Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland.

13.     Sandra McEoghain

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15.      This person will be announced on ………………….

16.      This person will be announced on ………………….

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19.      This person will be announced on ………………….

20.      This person will be announced on ………………….

21.      Edward Patrick O’Connor.

22.      Hugh and Tom Kierans.

23.      Bill McCarthy

24.       The Irish labourers that built the Rideau Canal.

25.       The School of Irish Canadian Studies Concordia.

26.      Pat Ryan

27.      The Irish Rovers.

28.      Sid Ryan.

29.      Judge Emmett Hall

30.      Richard Uniacke

31.     Dr. James Patrick Collins

32.      Joseph P. Ryan

33.     James Francis Kenney

34.     Aldan Nowlan

35.     Claude Ryan

36.     Tony O’Loughlin / Kevin and Onagh Dooley

37.     Thomas O’Flynn

38.     Charles Joseph Doherty.

39.     John Palliser

40.     Emile Nelligan

41.     Sir Charles Fitzpatrick

42.      Archbishop John Thomas Connolly.

43.     General Arthur Currie

44.     Padraig O’Donoghue

45.     Jeremiah O’Gallagher

46.     George Vanier

47.     Tony Martin MP NDP

48.     Henry James Mackin

49.     Captain Aralt Mac Giolla Chiannigh.

50.     Archbishop James Carney.

51.     Patrick Reid (50)

52.     Edward Blake

53.     Frank McKenna

54.     Dr. Peter Byrne. P. Eng.

55.     George Thomas Shaughnessy

56.     Daniel Johnson.

57.      John Sparrow David Thompson.

58.     The Canadian County Board of The Gaelic Athletic Association.

59.     The Irish Navvy

60.    Craig Dobbin 

61.     Timothy Warren Anglin. (40)

62.     Mae and June Butler.

63.     John Costigan.

64.     Robert Samuel McLaughlin.

65.     Pat Burns.

66.     John Hart.

67.     Emily Murphy.

68.     Robert Baldwin.

69.     Dr. Fred Banting.

70.     Dr. Larkin Kerwin.

71.     Pat Quinn (30)

72.     Jean Charest

73.    Sam Sullivan

74.    Gerry McGeer

75.    Robert Bonner

76.    Louis St. Laurent

77.     William McMaster

78.    Timothy Eaton

79.    Nellie Cashman

80.   Bob White

81.    Malachy Grant (20)

82.     George Arthur French

83.    Francis Collins

84.     Arthur Wheeler

85.     Tom Byrne

86.     Edward Whelan

87.     The Hurlers of Long Pond Windsor Nova Scotia.

88.     William Cochran

89.     Brian Mulroney

90.      Irish Regiment of Canada

91.      Hillary Weston (10)

92.      Francis Hincks

93.      Harry Trihey

94.      Dermod Owen-Flood

95.      Ned Hanlan

96.      Dr Patrick McGeer 

97.      Maurice McElrea

98.      Bobby Orr

99.      Nellie McClung

100.    Lester Pearson (1)