Irish Canadian Nation Builders


One Hundred names of individuals of Irish birth or heritage who have made a significant contribution to all aspects of Canadian Life will be permanently engraved on the Monument.  The names will be selected by the Ireland Monument Committee. The names list, together with the biographical information which led to their being chosen, will be published upon completion of the monument.  Future generations may then know their names, learn about their Irish heritage, take pride in their past, and be encouraged in working toward a bright future. Famous names such as Thomas D’Arcy McGee, Sir  Frederick  Banting and Lester Bowles Pearson, along with those of many unsung heroes, will be honoured.

WHY NOT SEND IN YOUR NOMINEE FOR THE 100 NAMES LIST ?  Include a few biographical details to aid our researchers.  The final list of names is under constant review by the committee.

The Ireland Monument Committee in Vancouver continues to seek the names of those persons of Irish birth or descent who have made a contribution to Canada or to ANY Community within Canada.

This does NOT include contributions of the Irish to the Irish Community.

If you would like to nominate a name for inclusion on the Monument please forward your Nomination and their Contribution to or

Contact Mr. Brendan Flynn at (604) 873-3167 for further details.

The committee will respond to all submissions.