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Séadchomhartha na hÉireann is Ceanada

The Ireland Canada Monument project is a non- political, non –sectarian, non profit endeavour created for the sole purpose of providing recognition to the significant contribution of Irish Canadians and Canadians of Irish descent to Canada. The members of the committee have collectively undertaken to complete the project on a voluntary basis with no expectation of individual or collective reward, financial or otherwise.  We are immensely grateful to all those who have given assistance to the project to date and we look forward to the completion of The Ireland Canada Monument in the near future.

The Ireland Canada Monument Directors currently are:

see www.irelandcanadamonument.com



June 5th 2017

Ireland Canada Monument approved by the Commissioners of Vancouver Park Board.

April 16th 2016

Design drawings for the Monument are in production.

February 2nd 2016

Meeting to initiate the design of the Ireland Canada Monument in Vancouver to be held at Vancouver Parks Board offices.

November 2015.

The Ireland Canada Monument is given the “Green Light” to proceed at Wainborn Park, False Creek, Vancouver by the leaders of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

June 18th 2015.

Application to the Department of Canadian Heritage by The Monument Society for Grant Funding.

May 1st 2015.

The Monument Society has submitted new design drawings to Vancouver Parks Board. Details to follow.


March 3rd 2015.

The Monument Society is currently working to complete new design drawings for the Monument and will provide an update once the design is ready to proceed to Public Process.

In the meantime please check our latest newsletters at http://irelandmonumentvancouver.com/monumental-news for the current status of project.

Thank You.


July 1st 2014

The Ireland Canada Monument Society has been notified by Vancouver Parks Board that they hope to contact us soon regarding potential site(s) for the Ireland Canada Monument in Vancouver.

Feb 1st 2013

At a meeting with Parks Board officials the Ireland Canada Monument Society agreed to Vancouver Parks Board Request to limit the height of the Central column to 6′-0″ (1800 mm).

The Central Column element will be redesigned to suit.

10th December 2012

Decision by the City of Vancouver Review Arts Committee

At their monthly meeting on Monday 10th December the City of Vancouver Review Arts Committee proposed that modifications be made to the Ireland Canada Monument. The proposal were made in consultation with Vancouver Parks Board staff.

The modifications include:

  • A balance of male / female names on the Ireland Canada Monument names list is to be made.
  • A human aspect is to be provided to the central column area of the Monument.

The Review Arts Committee also noted that the building of the Ireland Canada Monument could proceed at Thornton Park and at its previously assigned location at the south planter area.

The Society is now looking forward to meeting with Vancouver Parks Board staff in January 2013 regarding the above and miscellaneous other items in the design.

The Monument Society certainly acknowledges that a names imbalance existed. However the Society does wish to clarify that this was due to historical reasons and was not intentional in any way.

The Society will be contacting female Irish Canadians to obtain their permission to include their names. In addition, the Monument Society invites nominations for female names from all Canadian Provinces.

Forward nominations to irelandcanadamonument@gmail.com

The decision by the Review Arts Committee now means that the Monument can be completed once required funding is in place.

The Monument Society mandate remains “to recognize the contribution of Irish Canadians”.

The Society would like to extend a sincere thank you to Teresa McDonnell of The Irish Heritage Society together with Claire Fox and Pam Glass of the Irish Women’s Network for their help and assistance.

6th of September 2012.

General Agreement was reached today on the details for The Ireland Canada Monument to be built at Thornton Park Vancouver BC between the Ireland Canada Monument Society and Vancouver Parks Board staff .

The recognition of Irish Canadians and their contribution to Canada and the City of Vancouver can now be realised by the building of The Ireland Canada Monument in Vancouver BC Canada.

The Ireland Canada Monument Society convey sincere thanks to the Commissioners and staff at Vancouver Parks Board.

We hope you will consider a donation to this historic project. Donor recognition is available at the Site.

23rd July 2012.

The Ireland Canada Monument was approved by the Board of Parks and Recreation in Vancouver.

The minutes of the Meeting (23rd July 2012) confirming the decision to allow the Ireland Canada Monument to be completed at Thornton Park Vancouver B.C. can be viewed at the Vancouver Parks Board Website at

On behalf of the growing list of supporters of the Monument project across Canada and Ireland, the Directors of the Ireland Canada Monument Society convey our sincere thanks to the Commissioners of the Vancouver Parks Board, Vancouver Parks Board staff Ms. Jil Weaving (Arts and Culture), Mr. Steve Wong and Ms Tiina Mack for the decision to allow the Monument to proceed at Thornton Park, Vancouver B.C.


In May 2005, the Ireland Canada Monument project was inspired by the historic visit to Vancouver by then President of Ireland, Mary McAleese to provide recognition to Irish Canadians for their immense contribution to Canada and the City of Vancouver.

Irish Canadians can be very proud of their contributions to Canada including: Confederation; the Maple Leaf Flag; Freedom of the Press; Recognition of women as persons; Ice Hockey; Ice Hockey Gold (Men’s and Women’s); the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver; the Rideau Canal, Ontario; the discovery of Insulin; Alzheimer’s Research; Canadian Pacific Railway; The Canada Arm; Radarstat; The CN Tower, Toronto; City Hall, Vancouver; Mount Pleasant, Vancouver; Interurban tramline- Vancouver to New Westminster BC; Gaelic Games in Canada; Vimy Ridge; Irish Music and Irish Dancing; Government, Senate and Provincial Ministries; City and Township Mayors are just a few examples where Irish Canadians have contributed.

In 2007, Scoil Ghaeilge Vancouver (Irish School Vancouver) was formed as a support mechanism to help build the Monument. It has since come to pass that it has been the Gaelge, the Irish language that has done much to date to ensure the Monument is complete. Tá an Ghaeilge beo agus ag fás in iarthar Cheanada.. (Irish is alive and growing in Western Canada).

In Oct 2009, a stone from the AOH Celtic Cross at Grosse Ile Quebec was dedicated by historian Marianna O’Gallagher of Quebec City to the project to commemorate the 7,500 Irish who died on the island during the Great Hunger of 1845-48. The stone was transferred to the Monument group by the Irish Ambassador to Canada, Declan Kelly to the Archbishop of Vancouver, Michael Miller. It is intended that the stone along with other stones from Partridge Island, Middle Island New Brunswick, Kingston Ontario, Toronto Ontario, Montreal Quebec where many Irish had died and were buried in large numbers after reaching Canada in 1845-48 will be located at the Monument site.  See also http://irelandmonumentvancouver.com/news-items/transfer-of-the-stone

A stone will also be included from the Rideau Canal in Ontario to honour the estimated 1000 Irish labourers and their coworkers who died building the Rideau Canal from 1826 to 1832.


The Monument is registered as a Society in the Province of B.C. and in 2011.  Vancouver Parks Board dedicated a site at Thornton Park Vancouver for the monument.

Early in 2012, general agreement was reached between staff at Vancouver Parks Board and the Monument Society on the design by local Landscape Designer Mr. Donald Duncan.

The Monument Newsletter maybe found at http://irelandmonumentvancouver.com/monumental-news

On July 23rd 2012 Vancouver Parks Board Commissioners will vote on the Monument. It is hoped that a positive vote will allow completion of the Monument once the remaining artwork details on the Monument are resolved.

Donations to the Monument will be gratefully accepted. Details can be found at: http://irelandmonumentvancouver.com/welcome-failte/donations-to-the-ireland-canada-monument


Ní bheidh ár leithéidí arís ann!  


(There will never be the likes of us again!) 




  •   The Ireland Canada Monument committee is not affiliated to any Organization, Institution or Political Party in Ireland or Canada.
  • The project mandate is simple: The Recognition of Irish Canadians and their contribution to Canada and the City of Vancouver.